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The principle of the slitting machine

The slitting machine is to slit the strip into several required specifications. The base of the slitting machine is welded by section steel and steel plate, which is treated qualitatively.

Working Principle

1.     Constant tension control principle

The essence of constant tension control in the winding and unwinding process is to know the change of the coil diameter during the operation of the load. Due to the change of the coil diameter, in order to maintain the operation of the load, the split machine needs the output torque of the motor to follow the change of the coil diameter. For the V series inverter, since it can do torque control, it can complete the control of winding constant tension.


2.     Synchronous speed calculation

Since we know that when the inverter works at low frequency, the characteristics of the AC asynchronous motor of the slitter machine are not good, the activation torque is low and linear, so try to avoid the winding motor working below 2HZ during the whole winding process.


3. Speed limit operation

When the roll diameter is reached, it can be calculated that the winding runs at a low speed during the whole process.

The slitting machine production line is mainly composed of : trolley for loading, decoiler, leveling machine, slitting machine, scrap winder, tension, rewind, etc.

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