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Why oil the coil slitting machine?

Each roller in the slitter shaft and the corresponding components need to be refueled, also three times a week.

When the air humidity in the production workshop is below 50%, due to the electrostatic effect, the warping machins will start to fly and the pressure will be broken. In kore serious cases, it will take more than 2 preces for a warping worker to finish one factory silk shaft head.


After refitting the oiling equipment on the slitting and warping machine for silk fabrics, the flying start problem caused by electrostatic induction was solved. It only took 45 minutes to install the same shaft head, which not only eased the labor efficiency of employees, but also Improved high efficiency.


Routine maintenance of the slitting machine:

1. wipe(the pressure roller, unwinding shaft and wound should not have dirt).

2. When not in use, pay attention to poweroff.

3. Screws and wounds should be oiled and rust-proofed frequentlt.


Common problem of slitter line machine:

1. When replacing the size, the pressure of the upper knife must be released first before the upper knife seat can be opened, otherwise the knife head will be demaged. Anti-rust oil or engine oil should be applied when it is used for a long time.

2. Cutting raw materials are limited to paper products, many types, PC,PVC,ABS, and the thickness is within 250#. It cannot be used to cut hard materials such as metal materials.

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