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Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Tile production line

Hydraulic Press for Metal Ceiling Tile

KINGREAL as a professional metal processing machine supplier in China, can provide high quality Hydraulic Press Forming Machine for you. Our machines have been successful shipped to Russia, Italy, Korea, Turkey and other countries.

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     Introduction of Hydraulic Bending Forming Machine for Metal Ceiling Tiles
    KINGREAL Hydraulic Press Forming Machine have the main features in easy operate and can continuously bending forming ceiling panels of different sizes. Moreover, by changing the moulds, it can bending forming different types of ceiling panels, including lay in ceiling tile and clip in ceiling tile. KINGREAL can provide molds set of bending forming machine, you can free from worry about conversion between different types of ceiling tiles production. 

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     KINGREAL Successful Project

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     Features of Hydraulic Press Forming Machine

    1.Multiple Choices

    (1)Strong Compatibility:With different molds it can bend and form multiple types of metal ceiling tiles such as Clip-in, Lay-in and Tegular types;

    (2)Two Types to Choose:There are two types of metal ceiling tile production line, fully -automatic and semi-automatic to choose from.The full-automatic metal ceiling tile production line is equipped with a mechanical hand to feed the raw tiles, it can avoid unnecessary work injuries
    lay in ceiling
    perforated ceiling tile 2.Durable

    The body of the Hydraulic Press Forming Machine is made of steel structure, which has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity and good anti-vibration performance, ensuring the stability and safety of the processing process.
    3.High precision

    Adopting servo motor, high precision positioning and control can be achieved. Meanwhile, it is equipped with high precision sensors and gauges to ensure the high precision and quality of the products.
    ceiling tiles for offices
    drop tile 4.Customized Production Line

    As a professional sheet metal ceiling equipment manufacturer in China, KINGREAL not only provide hydraulic press forming machine but also have a complete metal ceiling tile production line. If you are interested in how to efficiently and intelligently produce ceilings, please do not hesitate to contact us!

      Specification of Punching Machine

    Cylinder pressure force 60 tons
    Ground clearance of worktable 850 mm
    Machine size (W, L, H) 2100 mm x 1100 mm x 2000 mm
    Power consumption 5.5 KW
    Weight ~ 4.3 tons

      Hydraulic Press Forming Machine in Ceiling Tile Production Line

    The Hydraulic Press Forming Machine can used with metal ceiling tile production line, which enables the production of ceiling tiles from raw material processing to final molding. Kingreal‘s Drop Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line is renowned worldwide, had been exported to Russia, Dubai, Turkey and etc., Which had proved to be high quality, high efficiency. The following are the featuring False Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line in KINGREAL:

    metal ceiling tiles price ceiling tile material ceiling system
    30*30 cm Drop Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line 60*60 cm False Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line 60*120 cm Suspended Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line

     Customer Visit

    It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. KINGREAL is warmly welcome customers to visit our factory and communicate with us!

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      KINGREAL in Canton Fair

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