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Coil Slitting Line

Belt Tension Coil Slitting Machine

KINGREAL Belt Tension Coil Slitting Machine is for material 3mm thick,max.1600mm width of coil, with speed 180m/min,cutting strips 30 pieces. 

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     Belt Tension Slitting 
    Machine Description:

    Belt tension coil slitting machine is for material 3mm thick,max.1600mm width of coil, with speed 180m/min,cutting strips 30 pieces. This line is the best choice for coil processing center user .

    The machine consists of coil car ,recoiler ,straightener. LoopⅠ, slitting machine,scrap winder, loopⅡ,belt bridle ,recoiler ,assisting support ,exit coil car ,hydraulic system ,electrical system and so on.

    The whole line is controlled by PLC with computer display. We mainly apply computer-control system of brands Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Siemens, Baumueller, Delta, and Schneider. The information of order amount, cutting strips and speed can be input to the PLC systems.

    Belt tension coil slitting machine use belt bridle ,it is higher cost performance for customer with precision surface requirement .

     Slitting Machine Main Components :

    1.Coil car


    3.Peeler entry table


    5.Shearing machine   

    6.Loop table                                                 

    7.Coil guide and pinch roll                    

    8.Slitting machine

    9.Scrap winder (both sides)

    10.Loop table

    11.Separator and tension table

    12.Deflector roll and exit threading table


    14.Over arm separator in the recoiler.

    15.Exit coil car for recoiler

    16.Hydraulic system

    17.Pneumatic system

    18.Electrical control system

    Belt Tension Unit is mainly used for coil slitting lines that require high scratches free on the strips surface, such as stainless steel, silicon, color coated and Aluminum coils.

    Belt tension unit is combined design of Belt bridle and felt pressing interchangeable type, the steel strip is pressed by the upper and lower belts or felts to generate friction and provide tension for the Recoiling.

    The belt bridle unit with special multiple belts and stretched individually and differently through the idler, so that the slitter strips can be recoiled with equal tension. The tension adjustment is done by adjusting the hydraulic depressing cylinders, according to the material or thickness of the steel strips.

     Advantages of Belt Tension Coil Slitting Line:

    1. The recoiling coils are neat and tidy, small staggered layers and tight.

    2. The belt and strips are relatively rest during recoiling, so there is no scratch on the surface on strips.

    3. Combined design or belt bridle and woolen felt pressing type, raise or lower for interchange in the same frame.

    4. The special endless belt is directly installed on the idler wheel with a circulating cooling device inside, which can keep the cooling state for a long time.

    5. According to type and thickness of the input material, the tension can be adjusted by changing cylinders pressure, which is easy to operate.


      Reference data:

    Raw Material

    Galvanized steel, stainless steel or SS



    Coil Width

    Less than 600mm

    Motor Power


    Max Cutters Pieces

    According to client‘s coil width exact width


    3 to 4 tons /day

    Power Source

    3xAC380V, 50HZ

    Main Machine Dimension

    2600*1200*1200 mm




    Slitting Galvanized steel, stainless steel



    1. What is coil processing?

    Coil processing is the transformation of steel coils into various shapes and sizes.

    Common coil processing techniques include cut-to-length, slitting, shape standardization, stretching/straightening, and edge sealing.

    Different coil lines will achieve different results and end products, so it is important to know what process you want to accomplish when selecting a coil line.

    This page is a slitting line for the steel coil category.

    2. What is our advantages?

    With more than 15 years experience in manufacturing the machines and we are a manufacturer.

    So we can provide the strong and powerful service before and after sales.

    3. What information do you have to provide for us to prepare a quote?

    1. Thickness of the coil (min-max)?

    2. Coil width (min-max)?

    3. What is your steel material?

    4. Coil weight (max)?

    5. How many pieces of maximum thickness do you need to slit?

    6. How many tons do you need per day or per month?  

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