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How to solve the vibration of coil slitting machine?

In the actual application, users sometimes find that the slitting machine equipment in the process of operation will appear vibration and other problems. If such a problem occurs, then it will inevitably have a negative impact on the performance of the equipment and the production quality of the product. Therefore, we must pay attention to this problem when using the slitting machine equipment on a daily basis.

coil slitting machine

In order to solve this problem, we must take some targeted measures to deal with it. For example, we can take some separation methods to reduce its vibration problem. Traditionally, we can use isolation method to reduce the engine and rubber elastic support, which is simpler, less costly and more reliable. Usually, the user can directly install the slitter on the shelf.

slitter line

In order to solve this problem, we believe that it can be dealt with in such a way that the main elements of the method are: the removal of the slitting machine side machine rope.

As a damping element, it has a large attenuation of high frequency and low frequency variable stiffness parameters of performance, so that it can effectively reduce its own vibration problems. Compared with the traditional rubber dampers used, then its effect will be better, and the smaller size, very easy to use.

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