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The Advantage of Aluminum Perforated Sheet

With the development of the economy, people‘s aesthetics appreciation also improved. Modern architectural design presents a diversified development trend, the previous building decoration materials because of its conventional shape, it has been difficult to meet the demand for personalized designers, so the emergence of perforated aluminum ceiling tile is very much in line with the needs of modern decoration materials.

Perforated aluminum sheet in addition to a variety of advantages of conventional aluminum sheet, but also has a variety of perforated styles, with the back of the sound-absorbing fabric can be acoustic. Sticking acoustic fabric to perforated aluminum ceiling tiles is easy and can be done quickly with our Acoustic Fleece Sticking Machine. Conference centers, hotels and other places to decorate the ideal material.

Aluminum perforated ceiling panels have many advantages and are widely used in decoration. Its advantages include:
(1)Light weight, good rigidity, high strength: 3.0mm perforated aluminum sheet weighs 8kg per square, tensile strength 100-280N/mm².

(2)Fire, moisture and corrosion resistant.

(3)Aluminum perforated has strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance,and crack resistance

(4) Perforated aluminum plank can be customized according to customer requirements, to meet the personalized modeling needs of different customers. The metal ceiling perforation machine produced by KINGREAL can also press rectangular perforation or other shapes, your individual needs can be met to a great extent.

(5) The installation and construction of perforated aluminum sheet is convenient and fast. No need to cut at the construction site, just fix the perforated aluminum sheet on the grids, it is easy to install and maintain.

As aluminum perforated plank has many advantages, it is widely used in the ceiling and wall of exterior wall decoration and interior high-grade decoration projects. It has strong decorative performance and is suitable for large building exterior wall decoration, multi-functional restaurants, lecture halls, opera houses, reception halls, concert halls, hotels, leisure and entertainment places. In addition, aluminum perforated plank can also be used for cladding columns, balcony decoration and other outdoor decorative use.
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