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What are the Advantages of Using Automatic Feeder?

In order to meet the market demand, the types of feeding machine of each enterprise is constantly updated, now on the market: 3 in 1 feeding machine, 2 in 1 feeding machine, NC servo feeding machine, etc., no matter what kind of feeder you need, kingreal can provide it.

The following Kingreal will introduce you to the advantages of the popular NC servo feeding machine:
 Ease of use:
1. Compact model and small footprint
2. The process of power connection, wiring and testing is simple
3. The steps of loading, feeding, and setting parameters are simple and can be completed by one person without the assistance of others.
4. The body and the electric control box are of split design, which can achieve long-distance control. The electric control box is equipped with casters and can be changed at any time.

1. Used for continuous stamping processing and feeding of various hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys and automobile parts.
2. Used for feeding and processing metal materials such as coils, strips, and sheets of different specifications.
3. Used for feeding and processing metal materials with different thicknesses, lengths and materials.
4. It can be used with various types of punch machines, shearing machines, hydraulic presses, molding machines and other processing machines. As a professional metal processing equipment manufacturer, Kingreal can provide coil slitting line, cut to length line, punching line, various roll forming machine and etc.. Please feel free to contact us with your production needs!

1. The feeding rollers are hidden, the gap between the rollers is small, and there are baffles to block places except the feeding space.
2. The electric control box is equipped with a separate emergency stop button to avoid accidents that may cause injury to people or machines.
3. Test machines are tested before leaving the factory to ensure the accuracy of operation and the stability of the machine.

1. It adopts Japanese Yaskawa servo motor to ensure that its feeding accuracy will not be affected even if it is used for a long time.
2. Using a high-sensitivity decoder, the feedback is accurate and the feeding accuracy is improved.
3. Equipped with timing belt transmission, which eliminates gear gaps, minimizes wear, makes no noise, and requires no lubrication.
4. The gear has high wear resistance, high strength and long life.
5. The roller has high precision and hardness, extending the service life of the roller.

1. The machine body is compact and occupies a small area. Enterprises can save a lot of space for reproduction.
2. High efficiency, one person can operate and supervise multiple machines at the same time, reducing personnel costs.
3. The initial investment is small and the output is large, creating greater profit margins for the enterprise.
4. Post-maintenance is simple and the failure rate is low
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